About AFBC

chruch In 1869, Apex First Baptist Church was first named Union Chapel Baptist Church and organized by Rev. Charles Bynum in White Oak Township, Apex, NC. Some who served as pastors were: Charles Bynum, M.W. Brown , and W. M. Woods.

1n 1892, the Union Chapel Baptist Church moved to the present location of the church within the city limits. The name of the church was changed to Apex First Baptist Church because it was the first and only church in town. Deacon Henderson Pearson and Brother Harry Pearson donated the land and cemetery for a passage of only one dollar to bonafide the deed.

In 1903, another wooden structure was built at the current location of the church. The church body moved forward from 1903 – 1948 under the leadership of the following pastors: Reverends J. M. Dunston, Dr. George Moore, W. C. Somerville, J .H. Clanton and S. F. Daley.

In 1948, a storm damaged an already decaying building. Under the leadership of Rev. J. L. Tilley a new building was constructed. Services were held at Apex Consolidated School and at the CME Methodist Church during the construction period. Rev. Theodore Walker was called to pastor near the end of the building process.

In September 1952, the first worship service was held in the newly constructed building. Christmas lights were used as the first lights and cardboard was used for the windows. Rev. H. A. Smith of Durham, NC served as the first pastor in the new church.
In 1957, Rev. W. T. Bigelow was called to serve as pastor. He served as pastor for eight years. Rev. White then served as pastor.
In May 1968, Rev. J. E. Perkins was called to pastor. Under the leadership of Rev. Perkins the church continued to grow both spiritually and structurally.

In 1974, the baptismal pool was added. The church family also had the choir stand expanded and added additional classrooms.

In 1994, Rev. J E. Perkins shared with the congregation his vision from God for an addition to the Church. The new addition would house Sunday School Classes, Education classes, and Administrative offices.

In 1995, the Apex Academy School of Religion was organized by Rev. J. E. Perkins for the purpose of educating Ministers and Lay people and later changed its name to Apex School of Theology. Apex School of Theology outgrew the church facilities and moved to 5104 Revere Road, Durham NC in 2002. In 2006, the school relocated to 2945 South Miami Blvd. Durham, in the heart of the Research Triangle Park.

On May 31, 2009, Rev. Perkins retired after 41 years of dedicated and faithful service.

After Rev. Perkins retired, Rev. Dr. J. D. Ballard, Pastor Emeritus of United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Winston, NC, served as our Interim Pastor from June 2009 – August 2009.

On July 12, 2009, the church voted on a called to Pastor for Rev. Dr. John T. Chapman. Rev. Dr. John T. Chapman served the church until April 2016.

In May 2016, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Hammond became the interim pastor.

Through the Providential Grace of God and the continued support of the church members, we pray that the history of Apex first Baptist Church will continue to move forward.