At Apex First Baptist Church, we as Christian believers join together as a congregation to accomplish the mission and purpose God has given the church. Our ministries focus on several different areas:

  • Out-Reach: The church reaching out to those outside the church. (Evangelism, Missions)
  • In-Reach: The church reaching in to those inside the church. (Encouragement, Fellowship)
  • Up-Reach: The church reaching up by communicating and giving to God. (Praising, Prayer, Worship)
  • Down-Reach: God reaching down by communicating and giving to the church. (Bible Study, Preaching, Teaching, the Holy Spirit)

All of these relationships work together in balance and are necessary for the other to function properly.


Scouting Ministry (Cub Scouts)
Prepares boys to make moral and ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of Jesus Christ and the Scout Oath and Law. Scouting provides fun, fellowship, and training to our youth as well as youth in our community. It emphasizes honesty, self-reliance, and respect.

photo025 Children’s Church Ministry
Provides spiritual, educational, and amusing guidance for children ages 5-12. The purpose of the Children’s Church Ministry is to teach and grow children in the Word of God for lifelong discipleship.  Held on Sunday’s during the 11:00 a.m. worship service.

Comfort Ministry
Consists of the Deaconess of the church. Responsible for providing food and comfort for the bereaved family before and after a funeral.

Deacon Ministry
Serves the Lord and His church by assisting the Pastor in meeting the spiritual needs of the Church.  Visiting the sick and shut-in, doing the work of benevolence, being vigilant to the needs of the congregation, freeing the pastor to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, assisting with the Lord’s supper, facilitating the spread of the gospel, and promoting unity and encouraging support from the congregation are some of the responsibilities conducted by the deacon.

Deaconess Ministry
Supports the Pastor and Deacons in visiting sick and bereaved members as well as assists in the preparation of the Church ordinances.

Evangelism Ministry
Shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasize the certainty of eternal salvation to the world. The ministry strives to promote a spiritually church body by working to bring families to Christ.

Finance Ministry
Receives and accounts for all monies received on behalf of the church and deposit such funds in the approved designated bank. The ministry is responsible for financial books and records and prepares periodic and annual reports as needed. 

Hospitality Ministry
Responsible for serving refreshments following church services, such as, anniversaries and other church functions or programs. 

Host and Hostess Ministry
Responsible for welcoming visitors to the church during service.

Inspirational Dance Ministry
Expresses graceful dance as a method of praise and worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The ministry consists of spiritual dancers of various ages who allow the Holy Spirit to move through the body, mind, and soul in order to communicate unwavering love for God.

photo037 Media Ministry
Manages audio and video recording of weekly worship services, administer the sale of CD’s and DVD’s, and ensure quality sound for congregants to hear the gospel message during church services.  

Men’s Ministry
Purpose is to biblically train and equip men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, in the church, and the community; this is accomplished through fellowship, Bible study, prayer, discipleship classes, retreats, and special events.

Missions Ministry
Take on the cares, concerns, and missions that affect the church and the community.

Music Ministry
Consists of musically gifted individuals who allow God to use their talent to lift up the name of the Lord through song. The ministry also provides encouragement to believers in their walk with Christ and leads the congregation in worship and praise. 

New Members Ministry
Welcomes and assist the new members of the congregation with becoming well acquainted with Christian Doctrine as it relates to the church.

Newsletter Ministry
Responsible for the publication of the newsletter for the church (The Movement and The Ascender).

Pastoral Care Ministry
Responsible for assisting in meeting the needs of the Pastor and his family as it relates to his ministry and life at the church.

Publicity Ministry
Keeps the members of the church and our community current on events within the church and our community via media outlets such as radio, television, word of mouth and the monthly church newsletter “Insight”.

Puppet Ministry
The purpose of the ministry is to share the Gospel with all people in a unique way; the objective is to utilize puppetry to worship God using scriptures, songs, and skits.

Three Score and Ten Ministry
Acknowledges the elders as being the inspiration of our church, to show the elders that we love and appreciate their wisdom and knowledge, and to build a bond between the elder and younger generation of the church. 

Transportation Ministry
Provides free transportation for members and non-members to worship services and activities at the church or away. Ministry is composed of members that possess a type “F” driver’s license and have been approved as a driver of the church van. 

photo023 Trustee Ministry
Ensures that the legal, physical, and financial needs of the church are met, so the church can achieve its missions in a godly and comfortable setting.

Ushers’ Ministry
A ministry of servants for Christ who kindly greet and entertain guests, visitors, and members and offer assistance to ensure the worship environment in the house of the God is pleasant and comfortable. 

Women’s Ministry
Nurtures the women of our church and community as they grow and develop spiritually in the Lord. It provides opportunities for women of all ages to have a stronger and enriched relationship with God and family through Bible studies, small groups, outreach conferences, fellowship, and retreats.

Youth Ministry
Prepares young people for present and future spiritual maturity. The ministry offers a variety of programs, events and activities to promote Christian living, enhance leadership skills, and spiritual strength for children under 19 years old.